Fall Speaker Event - New Jersey Originals: Technological Marvels, Odd Inventions, Trailblazing Characters & More
Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 7:15 pm
Township of Ocean Board of Education (Old Oakhurst School), Auditorium, 
163 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst, NJ 07755

What makes New Jersey so special? In addition to culture, wonderful suburban towns, a high standard of living, strong public schools, a mild climate, mountains and beaches, we must add one more: innovation.

In addition to the creations of Bell Labs and Thomas Edison, New Jersey has innovators and inventors galore. In the first volume, A History of Inventing in New Jersey: From Thomas Edison to the Ice Cream Cone, we detailed our state’s many inventions in science, communications, food, medicine, sports, and transportation.

In this book, you can learn about more of the inventions of Bell Labs and Edison, in addition to other valuable, brilliant, and quirky creations. The work of our soldiers at Fort Monmouth and Camp Evans—including radar and night vision goggles—helped the United States win World War II. Cook College at Rutgers has produced important, often disease-resistant, vegetables and flowers. Among the edible inventions are pork roll, M&M’s, and the famous Campbell’s green bean casserole. Quirky firsts include Lucy the Elephant and the Francis life car. And just for fun, I’ve added some famous and not-so-famous New Jerseyans.

Author Linda Barth will present a talk on her latest book as part of our Speaker Series.  Join us 7:15, Wednesday, October 10th at the Board of Education Building, 163 Monmouth Rd., Oakhurst.

Linda Barth has been a fan of New Jersey for a long time. As a fourth-grade teacher, she tried to focus students’ attention on the positive aspects of our state: its diverse geography, history, agriculture, industry, and famous firsts and inventions. A lifelong resident of the Garden State, Linda has written two books on the D&R Canal for Arcadia Publishing and two children’s picture books: Bridgetender’s Boy, published by the National Canal Museum in 2005, and Hidden New Jersey, from Charlesbridge Publishing in 2012. A History of Inventing in New Jersey: From Thomas Edison to the Ice Cream Cone, published by the History Press, was released in 2013. With her husband she has published The Millstone Valley Through Time and Somerville Through Time. She has also contributed to the Encyclopedia of New Jersey. She has just completed New Jersey Originals, volume two of New Jersey firsts and inventions.

The speaker event is open to the public, free of charge. Donations are appreciated. Refreshments are served. (We collect and welcome nonperishable items for the Fulfill food bank.)